Technology in Plastics

Ventilation and pipeline construction

For reliable infeed and outfeed of polluted, aggressive orultra-pure media.

Ventilation technology using plastic - for polluted or aggressive exhaust air in laboratory buildings, electroplating installations or the process, environmental and foodstuffs industries.

Angenstein AG offers its clients reliable solutions for dealing with polluted air as occurring in laboratories, electroplating installations, the process industry or the environmental and foodstuffs industries. Over many years, we have built up comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the manufacture and ready-to-use assembly of plastic ventilation systems.

Our clients include the leading specialist companies and engineering firms from the fields of ventilation and air conditioning technology, as well as well-known international industrial enterprises. Angenstein's clients receive a comprehensive and professional service, from support with the planning and design, choice of materials, production of the individual components and assembly through to commissioning. Our clients value the speed, flexibility and reliability of our order processing.

High level of specialist competence in plastics processing: We manufacture the ventilation ducts and special components in our own workshop in Aesch, Switzerland. In doing so, we place great importance on high processing quality and rational production flows.

Please refer to our catalogue for more information:

  • Material properties and selection: PP-H / PPs / PE80/100 / PVC-U / PVDF / GFRP
  • Range of ventilation components and fittings
  • Standard components in line with DIN 4741 T5 (PP) or DIN 4740T5 (PVC-U)
  • Custom-made parts
  • Linings with the fully-fluorinated plastics FEP, PFA combined with GFRP or in steel
  • Reference objects in Switzerland and abroad

Plastic pipeline construction for ultra-pure media and for toxic and environmentally hazardous substances

Plastic pipelines made from PP, PVC or PE are extremely resistant against chemical and mechanical stresses. In addition to these positive properties, plastic pipes made from PVC are resistant to UV rays.

PVDF plastic pipes are extremely resistant to chemical and have outstanding thermal stability between -40° C and +180° C. They can be used in areas where there are particularly high hygiene standards, such as the pharmaceutical, biochemical or semi-conductor industries, or in the foodstuffs industry or medicine.

Underground plastic pipelines ensure watertightness and a longer service life than earthenware or metal. Plastic pipelines adapt to the constant movements in the soil, thereby reducing the risk of cracks and breakages.

Our services:

  • Material selection and design of the pipelines based on resistance to media, temperature, pressure and flow capacity
  • Delivery, laying and assembly of indoor and outdoor pipelines in line with DN 10 to DN 3600
  • Heating elements butt welds in line with DN 10 to DN 800
  • Extrusion welds in line with DN 300 - DN 800
  • Pressure ratings up to 16 bar

For use in the following fields:

  • Pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biochemistry
  • Semi-conductor and surface technology
  • Environmental technology and plant construction
  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Water and waste water