Depression safety valves

Type 4600 depression safety valves are used to ensure pressure equalisation at low pressure levels up to 100 mbar.


  • As overpressure valves / depression safety valves / excess flow valves when inerting apparatus, storage tanks, stirrer tanks, centrifuges, etc.
  • As under pressure safety devices for apparatus, storage tanks, stirrer tanks, etc.

The transparent cover means that it is very easy to carry out visual checks. The construction with the outlet at the lowest point and the special shape of the sealing surfaces prevent the accumulation of dirt.

Serge Naegelin
Head of dep. technology in plastics
M +41 79 222 93 78

Technical designs


Body PE, PP, PVDF, PVDF-EL, 1.4404
Disc PE, PP, PVDF, PVDF-EL, PTFE, 1.4404
Seal (O-ring) FMP, FFKM

borosilicate glass , 2 bar.

Cover seal PTFE
loose flange Steel - PPcovered / 1.4404
Fastener 1.4301



Disc sealing with O-ring on conical surface Disc with lateral guide


Layout and manufacture in line with AD2000 regulations.


• Visual checks through transparent cover
• Easy to clean without dismantling the fitting
• Outlet at the lowest point, therefore no product residue
• Offset sealing surface, meaning that there is no possibility of this becoming dirty