Sena Plastics AG – More than 80 years of experience in plastic technology.

Sena Plastics AG was founded by the spin-off of the division technique in plastic from the company Angenstein AG. As part of a management buyout to its longstanding Head of plastic, Serge Naegelin, well known at customers and deliverers.

In 2002 the Angenstein AG took over the part „technique in plastic” from the company Ditzler AG as a part of succession plan. The Ditzler AG was before over decades successfully in the area of plastic apparatus.

The acquisition of Nenad Rapic GmbH in 2010 by Angenstein AG expanded its technology division in plastic products with the area of ventilation technology and pipe construction.

Today, the Sena Plastics AG presents itself as a modern company with experienced professionals. Sena Plastics develops, designs, manufactures and installs demanding systems, equipment and components for process and machine industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, environmental technology and products for building technology. The main product divisions are:

  • Apparatus and plant construction
  • Parts, components and assemblies
  • Linings and in-liners made of thermoplastics and high-purity fluorinated plastics
  • Ventilation technology and pipe construction
  • Shut-off-, control- and ventilation butterfly valves
  • Pressure Retention Valve Type 4600