Quality Assurance

Systematically focused onquality

Quality is of utmost importance in our day-to-day work. We train and manage our employees with the aim of putting the skills we have developed to use to ensure consistently high quality. We operate active quality management and at all levels and processes of the company.

We optimise our processes on an ongoing basis and guarantee compliance with the international and industry standards by means of external monitoring and certification.


  • Schweissen: Qualifizierte Schweissverfahren nach DVS 2207
  • Qualifiziertes Fachpersonal nach DVS 2207
  • Werkstoffe: - Polyolefine extrudiert / gepresst
  • PVC-U / -C extrudiert / gepresst
  • Fluorthermoplaste voll- / teilfluoriert
  • Extrusionsschweissen
  • Warmgaszieh-/ f├Ąchelschweissen
  • Heizelementstumpfschweissen bis 3000mm
  • Infrarot- / Ber├╝hrungsloses Heizelementstumpfschweissen
  • Heizelementmuffenschweissen
  • Heizwendelschweissen