Technology in Plastics

Apparatus engeneering and construction

Tailor-made solutions for the process industry and environmental engineering.

We develop and realise demanding process engineering systems and apparatus made from composite thermoplastics and duroplastics for the process industry and environmental engineering.

  • Plastic containers,apparatus and systems
    Containers, apparatus and systems made from thermoplastics and duroplastics offer outstanding resistance to chemicals. Typical areas of use include, for example, electroplating containers, apparatus and systems for the chemical industry or waste water containers for aggressive liquids.
  • Exhaust airtechnology: Exhaust air scrubbers, condensate separators, heat exchangers
    Our systems in the field of exhaust air guarantee clean air and comply with the latest regulations. For a wide range of uses in chemistry and industry, as well as exhaust air treatment sections for electroplating or in hard chrome plants.
  • Tailor-made processengineering solutions
    Engineering, construction, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of process engineering systems and special parts in line with your requirements.