Sena Plastics at Schüttgut 2015

Sena Plastics presents: Linings from bulk goods systems with the TIVAR® or QuickSilver® Systems

Operators of bulk goods systems expect their silos, hoppers, delivery lines and transport devices to provide a smooth flow of material with the lowest possible wear. This is where TIVAR® or QuickSilver®linings offer the ideal solution. They are characterised by their flow-promoting properties, wear-resistant surfaces and high impact strength.This prevents downtime caused by material deposits, arching, freezing on, funnel flow or corrosion.

Possible areas of use:

  • Delivery, transport and processing of construction materials
  • Processing and transport of hot asphalt
  • Production and transport of chemicals
  • Foodstuffs processing

Prefabricationor "on site" assembly: Angenstein AG delivers and assembles thelining material in the manner appropriate for the system. The following options are available:

  • Lining of the system components and machines in the Angenstein AG workshops
  • "Onsite" assembly carried out by our experienced fitters
  • One-piece drop in-liners for self-assembly

Please visit us at our stand D07.


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