Technology in Plastics

Tailor-made solutions for the process industry and environmental engineering.

We develop and realize demanding client-specific solutions in the PE, PP, PVC, PVC-C, PEEK, PVDF, E-CTFE and PFA thermoplastics and their variety, such as electrically-conductive, flame-retardant or slide-promoting plastics and glass-fiber reinforced plastics (duroplastics), in line with the process conditions specified.

Solutions in Plastics – More than an alternative:

Due to the constant development of thermoplastic and duroplastic materials and the optimisation of process engineering, considering and using plastics rather than metallic materials is an optimal and cost-effective alternative for long-term investments. Including systems for environmental protection, waste gas cleaning, apparatus for storing, dispensing and distributing of chemicals. Applications for adhesive or abrasive substances, electroplating applications, surface treatment systems and many more.

Serge Naegelin
Head of dep. technology in plastics
M +41 79 222 93 78

Apparatus engineering

Process engineering solutions - engineering, manufacturing, assembly & commissioning

Containers, apparatus and systems made from plastic offer outstanding resistance to chemicals.


To prevent corrosion, protect against wear and promote sliding

Linings made from thermoplastic fluoroplastics can withstand almost all chemicals, have high impact resistance and are suitable for temperatures of up to 260° C in constant or alternating use.

Linings for bulk goods systems using the TIVAR® or QuickSilver® systems for a smooth flow of material with the lowest possible wear.

Ventilation & pipework

For reliable infeed and outfeed of polluted, aggressive orultra-pure media

Ventilation technology using plastic for polluted or aggressive exhaust air in laboratory buildings, electroplating installations and the process, environmental and foodstuffs industries.

Plastic pipeline construction for ultra-pure liquid media, toxic and environmentally hazardous substances and water and waste water.

Special products & fittings

Special flanges
and fittings

Dampers / butterfly valves

Depression safety valves